Is Your Sofa Safe From Germs All The Time?

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It is already known that sofa cleaning is an effective process. There are various things that we need to know regarding the same. But certain times there are different things that we might not know about the same process. In conditions like this, what is likely to happen that we will encounter various unconventional hindrances […]

Tips To Sanitize A Couch

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A couch is one of the most valuable & useful objects placed in our homes which enhance the entire aspect of our homes. It is our fundamental responsibility to retain it clean and sanitized. Even after trying keeping the couch clean there are dust particles that will gradually make your couch stained. A couch is […]

How to Remove Water Stains from Upholstery

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Isn’t it irritating that even something as common as water can stain upholstery? Water. Something that itself is used to wipe off stains from fabric can leave stains itself! Water stains can be caused due to dust in upholstery, or minerals and dirt in water. Nonetheless, water stains can be removed quite easily. And surprisingly, […]

How to Get a Germ Free Couch

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Sofa and couches are the furniture that every house has. The homemaker takes all the care and diligent to keep them in perfect condition. But it has been seen that manual cleaning treatment for fabric sofa and couches are not just enough for maintaining its look. For the homemakers, it is really difficult to deal […]