DIY Vs. Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service: Which Is Better

Is there a dirty couch lying around in your room, and it has been a while since you cleaned it? You probably think I will clean this couch, but that day never comes. The cleaning only keeps getting delayed. Maybe you lack time, or perhaps you do not know how to clean the sofa properly, or you are too tired to do it some other day. Some of you may even be trying a DIY sofa cleaning at home without hiring upholstery cleaning Brisbane professionals. But the results you get are not nearly as perfect as you want. So, what do you think? Which is better hiring sofa cleaning professionals or employing DIY methods using common household remedies? In this article, we will look at the aspects of both kinds of cleaning, and you can then decide which is better.

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Benefits of DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Let’s consider a situation where you invited some guests over and everyone’s laughing and eating, but someone sitting on your beautiful couch just spilled red wine on it without your knowledge. When the party is over, you notice the stain. You also see food crumbs on the sofa. Now, if you are someone who does not know anything about upholstery cleaning, you will start panicking that your favorite couch is destroyed. Yes, you can hire professionals such as upholstery cleaning in Brisbane, but they will take at least some time to arrive. Some stains can wait, but those of red wine needs to be cleaned up immediately before they seep into the leather or fiber couch. It is better to know at least the first initial steps of couch cleaning so that even if you do not want to take up the entire cleaning procedure yourself, you can minimize the chances of stains becoming permanent. There are many such instances where DIY upholstery cleaning will come in handy. So, let us see what the benefits of DIY upholstery cleaning are:

  • Your Choice of Ingredients

You have complete control over the ingredients when you make your cleaning products. This is especially useful for households with particular allergies or health issues. It is also advantageous to become more aware of the products you are using in your house and any potential adverse effects. Did you know that many household cleaning solutions contain chemicals that produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? When you use specific products, harmful gases like these are emitted into the atmosphere. They readily evaporate at room temperature, so they can quickly contaminate the air you breathe when cleaning.

  • Safe Cleaning Procedure

You can make sure your cleaning supplies are safe for your children and pets if you make them using DIY techniques. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably kept your kids away from cleaning products, especially those containing bleach, since the beginning. While it’s crucial to stop the spread of germs and diseases inside your home, using harmful cleaning chemicals and procedures might have unfavorable impacts on your family members’ long-term health and safety. When cleaning a sofa at home, you will naturally ensure that the substances and methods you use are non-toxic and won’t endanger your family.

  • Cost-Efficient

Cleaning supplies are not only flying off the shelves, but due to supply and demand, their price is also rising. Some professionals also charge high rates for cleaning. This cost will increase significantly if you routinely clean your couch. Though you can hire affordable services such as upholstery cleaning Brisbane, a DIY method will be pocket-friendly. By using affordable home items and not having to pay anyone for their service, you can make your cleaning products for less money. Additionally, you can make multifunctional cleaners that you can use on a variety of surfaces.

  • No Wait Time

If there is a stain and you are very particular about cleaning, you will want to clean the spot immediately. Some services which are not locally based may take time to arrive. This may not be the case with services like upholstery cleaner Brisbane which are locally based and will arrive the moment you contact them. If you know how to clean couches yourself, you will not have to wait for anyone, and you can clean the spot immediately. It also ensures that the spots do not harden over time and become impossible to remove.

Challenges in DIY Upholstery Cleaning

While there are some advantages of do-it-yourself cleaning, it comes with some challenges. Here are a few drawbacks:

  • Excessive Use of Water

Water may seem like the obvious initial step in cleaning your upholstery, but it can lead to a number of problems. In fact, using too much water can make the color of your upholstery bleed. Second, while your upholstery is drying, mould can develop, potentially leading to a wide range of problems requiring professional repair from upholstery cleaner Brisbane services.

  • Inappropriate Cleaning Supplies

Bleach, off-the-shelf cleaners, vinegar, and bicarbonate soda are some of the most widely used DIY cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, several of these items risk destroying the upholstery’s fabric.

  • Using the Wrong Cleaning Equipment

Incorrect cleaning tools might also cause upholstery damage. For instance, the feel of your upholstery might be ruined by the rough bristles of a vacuum brush.

One single wrong step can damage your expensive upholstered furniture. Thus, if you are unsure about the couch material, what to use, or some other instruction, it is best to hire leather upholstery cleaning Brisbane professionals who can handle the entire cleaning effectively.

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Now that we have seen both the advantages and disadvantages of DIY upholstery cleaning let us see some benefits of hiring upholstery cleaning Brisbane professionals.

  • Save Efforts

Okay! So, let’s start by discussing money. When considering the price, it is evident that DIY beats professional services. It is far too inexpensive compared to cleaning services. You can also hire tools and equipment to add a professional touch to your do-it-yourself cleaning. However, cleaning upholstery yourself takes a lot of time, patience, and effort. Even if you save some money, is it worth it?

  • Saves Time

When it comes to how much time it takes to clean upholstery, experts win. Professional upholstery cleaners Brisbane can complete a hefty cleaning operation in two to three hours, thanks to their training, experience, and effective equipment, giving you more time to do other tasks. Hiring expert services will save you a lot of time and effort because upholstery cleaning is not done frequently.

  • Cleaning Outcomes

Let’s face it; no matter how carefully you clean with professional tools, the likelihood is that the results will never be as excellent as cleaning results from a professional. Compared to DIY cleaning with your own tools or at-home remedies, professional upholstery cleaning Brisbane service, with its deep cleaning system, can remove considerably more dirt from your upholstery and can clean with much more accuracy.


People have misconceptions about the expense and hassle of professional upholstery cleaning Brisbane service. Still, the truth is that it is not only significantly convenient but also more cost-effective in the long run. Professional cleaning maintains heavy fabrics in addition to thoroughly cleaning them. This prolongs the upholstery’s lifespan. DIY fabric cleaning may appear less expensive or convenient because you may clean your upholstery whenever possible. Sure, minor stains are okay to clean using DIY techniques. But for tough stains, you risk mishandling the upholstery while cleaning, which would cause more harm than good. Thus, we recommend contacting our professionals for upholstery cleaning in Brisbane and cleaning your furniture today!


  • Is professional upholstery cleaning better than doing it yourself?

A professional has the equipment and materials and understands how to restore your couch to like-new condition. They know how to remove dust, stains, and more from surfaces. Professional deep cleaning will produce better outcomes than do-it-yourself cleaning.

  • How well does upholstery cleaning work?

Upholstery cleaning offers many advantages, such as removing allergens, dust, filth, grime, and other particles from the air ducts and improving indoor air quality.

  • How often should you professionally clean your couch?

We recommend having your couch professionally cleaned every 3 to 4 months. Your sofa will be durable, clean, and fresh after this cleaning interval.