4 Gross Things Lurking in Your Couches

Homeowners spend several hundred hours cleaning their homes, by vacuuming and wiping the floors. Unfortunately, the place where they spend most of their time relaxing and enjoying is often missed during general cleaning. Many simply rely on annual couch cleaning Bribie Island while many remain ignorant for years.

Your couches are home to millions of harmful bacteria and many gross things that don’t just affect your health but also deteriorate your couches’ condition. That is why below we have mentioned the top 4 gross things lurking in your couches!

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Let’s take a look!


Upholstery can absorb all kinds of liquid, which makes your couches prone to mould attack. At home, wine spills and staining accidents are inevitable no matter if you are an adult or have kids at home. Further, controlling moisture and humidity is not possible every day.

All these circumstances lead to mould growth on the couches. Moulded couches are not just dangerous for your asset but can also impact your health. You may notice dark stains and odours coming from the couches, which can trigger your allergies and worsen breathing issues.


If you like spending time on the sofas, bacteria are likely to follow you around. Further, if you have kids and pets who consider couches their playground, your sofas may be dirtier than you think. Moreover, with habits of eating, and drinking on the couches, the bacterial growth multiplies.

If you are experiencing health problems or worsening allergies, then availing of professional services for couch cleaning Browns Plains is a great idea. Get your couches deeply cleaned and bacteria-free so you can live in a hygienic environment!

Dust Mites

Dust mites are found everywhere. They can be inside your mattress, pillows, car seats, carpets, and even couches. Wherever humans like spending their time, dust mites accumulate, as they find an abundance of dead skin cells and dander for their survival.

Dust mites can make your life miserable, by triggering allergies and releasing odour. If you want to get rid of dust mites lurking in your couches, ensure you give your sofas a deep professional Couch Cleaning Brisbane so you can eliminate these allergens ensuring you live in a safe and healthy environment!

Grease and Oil

Grease and oil may not seem dangerous or harmful to humans, but they contribute generously to polluting the couches. Bacteria, dander, pollen and other allergens easily get stuck on the greasy surface and remain intact till removed.

If your sofas feel sticky and greasy there may be millions of allergens already trapped in the fibres. Ensure you get rid of them with professional deep couch cleaning services!

Final Words

If you are feeling sick around your couches, or they just appear shabby, it is a sign that you need professional couch cleaning services. Give your couches the deep cleaning they deserve and say goodbye to the harmful allergens lurking inside!

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