Tips to Sanitize a Couch

A couch is one of the most valuable & useful objects placed in our homes which enhances the entire aspect of our homes. It is our fundamental responsibility to retain it clean and sanitized. Even after trying to keep the couch clean, there are dust particles that will gradually make your couch stained. A couch is never safe from dirt, allergens and odours.

Hence, it is really important to maintain it clean & fresh. And in many instances couches become really dirty hence, it becomes really imperative to make them clean thoroughly and sanitize them. You can get your couch sanitized by hiring our services professional couch cleaners cleaning.

Couch Cleaning Service
Couch Cleaning Service

These are The Tips to Sanitize A Couch

  • Step 1: Vacuum The Couch :

    In the first step you have to vacuum your couch thoroughly. It will eliminate all the dirt, oil and allergens from the carpet. Vacuum under the cushions too. You can also attach a brush to the vacuum cleaner for better results.
  • Step 2: Prepare The Solution :

    You can make a solution by mixing half part of vinegar and half water. Make sure you do not use any chemicals which can affect the carpet fibres. Vinegar is a strong and effective solution used by many house owners to clean carpets and couch. 
  • Step 3: Apply The Solution On The Couch :

    Spray the solution directly on the couch and do not make it completely wet but spray it slightly. Pick a sponge and dip it into the solution. Do not scrub it and let it remain on the couch for some time. It will take some time for the solution to get deeper into the couch and then it will work effectively. 
  • Step 4: Rinse The Couch :

    You can rinse your couch with water and in this step you will have to use just a small amount of water to clean the couch. Remove the cleaning solution and rinse it thoroughly. Next, you can use a sponge to soak up the excess water and residue. 
  • Step 5: Dry The Couch :

    In the final step you have to dry the couch. Make sure you do not use the couch until it becomes completely dry. Wet couch might lead to the growth of mold. Hence, it is important to dry the couch thoroughly.

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