Ways to Clean Your Upholstery Without a Machine at Home

The current pandemic situation has brought us face-to-face with a lot of happiness as well as sad moments. But we have all been in this together, not just in an emotional way, instead it has brought the families back together. Everyone living together sharing the same space is dreamy and happy it seems. It can bring some stubborn stains on your upholstery and removing them professionally can cost a fortune. So let’s dive into some ways to clean your upholstery without a machine at home. 

First, Let’s Know a Little About Upholstery

Upholstery is a beautiful art of creating as well as restoring furniture with fine quality fabrics and details such as diamonds, various kinds of stitching, coil Springs as well as a variety of cheap or expensive foams and various kinds of paddings that make the coverings of chairs, sofas, cushions, etc.

Cleaning upholstery on our own can be a tricky job, as one mistake can leave a stain for your lifetime. Some important points to always follow are:-

  • Always, before using any agent/solution on the entire surface always start with a spot check.
  • Before choosing a cleaning agent, make sure you know the fabric and read the care tag of your upholstery.

This Is What the Symbols on the Care Tag Mean:

•W means that Water cleaning solutions are well good for the upholstery. 

S indicates that the upholstery should be cleaned with only solvent-based cleaning solutions.

WS indicates water, as well as solvent-based cleaning solutions, are safe for application.

X indicates that neither water nor solvent-based cleaning solutions should be applied to the upholstery, such upholstery is usually vacuum cleaned.

Hand Shampooing:

For this method to work you will need a bucket, sponge, several terry cloth towels, and a shampoo fit for upholstery. Make sure to read the instructions on the shampoo and verify that the application of this shampoo is safe for your upholstery.

As per the instructions given, create the solution. With the help of the sponge, stir the mixture and then start with the body. Now apply the suds and then wipe it out with a clean terry cloth gently, as harsh rubbing might damage your upholstery’s fabric.

Dry Cleaning:

This process is similar to the one used in Hand shampoo, the only difference being that the solvents don’t form suds. First, dip the sponge and mix the solution, and then apply it to your upholstery in circular motions. Wipe off the solution with a clean white towel. Most dry cleaning solutions are flammable, so take necessary precautions while couch dry cleaning.

Rubbing Alcohol:

Tired of the old paint and ink stains? Don’t worry, we have the solution to your problem. Make a mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar, spray the solution all over the fabric and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Wipe off the solution with a clean towel. Always check your fabric care tag before using any solution over it.

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